The Power of Listening

While reading the chapter this week on “listening to the groundswell,” there was one quote in the chapter that really stuck out to me and carried its message through the whole chapter. This quote I’m talking about is, “Your brand is what your customer says it is”; which as we all know, is essential knowledge for any marketer in today’s world. With the amount of technology and social media outlets, people are always talking. Whether it be good or bad about your service or product; we as marketers are then able to track its trends and popular opinions and thoughts from the consumers point of view. Listening to consumers is what will sell or sink a product/service. If we don’t listen to what our customers want and desire, it can take a wrong turn quick for what we are trying to provide. For example, the case study given in this chapter was about cancer patients and how they felt about the facility they were receiving treatment in. Many felt that they were waiting too long, and seeing as time is precious to those, the medical facility took this into consideration after learning these facts through an online community that was put into place for cancer patients. This is a great way to not only get your customers to talk amongst themselves, but receive answers and insight on what they really need and want from the service you are providing. Listening is not always enough although; companies need to act upon what their customers are saying in order to constantly improve. Listening is a major part of the groundswell but more importantly is is what companies do with the information they gain from listening to their customers.

It’s been a slice again this week y’all, more to come!


Beverley Small


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