Transforming your company with the Groundswell

“Keep the customer at the centre of your organization”. In Chapter 11, the Groundswell states that in order to begin transforming your company’s philosophy, mental shifts in thinking must occur. Then would be to set out a plan and vision for your business and make sure all executives who make the initial decisions are all on board with new decisions being made. A statement made within the chapter caught my attention as well which was, “the transformation of a company usually takes an idea that starts with a few employee’s who understand the groundswell and making it an organization-wide movement” (p 217). From my personal experience, working at Lexus has shown me how well our staff and business as a whole succeeds in this idea. When board meetings are scheduled with our marketing team, we look at it from all angles including what our customers and potential buyers are saying about our brand. They’re open to suggestion and are constantly listening to feedback forums on our website. To rise above our competition, its always been about our prestige edge we give off when selling our brand and our products. People like the luxury feel and we constantly promote it in that way.

The Groundswell suggests that blogging is a huge asset to your business and Lexus uses it to its advantage. It gives our members a voice in their experience with our business and products; whether negative or positive. But like all companies, no matter the industry you are in, we constantly look for improvement. Reevaluating areas of your business is part of the process the Groundswell mentions in this chapter, creates an image for your business and how they are constantly looking to satisfy customers and achieve long term success. With using this method, it adds value to your company, which a lot of consumers nowadays are buying into. If something is known to have value, many customers will spend the extra penny to receive its value you’ve promised.

The Groundswell suggest new marketing alternatives throughout the chapters we’ve read and learned to apply to our work lives in a way to help us move forward and innovate. Essentially the biggest alternative would be to use social media to attract consumers, keep them informed, and allow them to have a voice within your company. What your customer says about the product and service you are giving out is essential to success within your company. After researching what social media could do for your business, I found a great article from Forbes website on exactly that. Here, take a look: Benefits of Social Media. I’ve found from reading this article (and so have others in this class i’ve noticed!), I learned a lot of things I never considered before when looking at social media through business.

Thanks again,

Beverley Small


L. Charlene & Bernoff. J (2011). Groundswell, Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. Harvard Business School Publishing: 60 Harvard Way, Boston Massuchusetts

Forbes. (2014). The Top Ten Benefits of Social Media. Retrieved Oct 25, from


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