“When it comes to the Groundswell, Charlie knows his company has to be there, but he doesn’t know why”

Hello again,

This week in reading about the Groundswell, I looked at things like P.O.S.T. and how to assemble basic elements we need to build a groundswell strategy for our business. In order to put together elements and come up with a strategy to better your business, you have to have a specific goal or you will ultimately fail. BUT not to fear, because that goal can be as simple as just listening to your customers input! And once you get started and achieve that goal, you can accomplish much more than what you intended! (Can you tell I’m not a marketing student yet?) Hahaha.

Before beginning, you need to understand what P.O.S.T. is though! I have attached an image which gives you an outline of what it involves and what each step needs in order to move on to the next. For people, you’re going to assess your customers’ social activities which can outline which objectives you’d like to focus on. These objectives being, listening, talking, energizing, supporting, or embracing. All equally important, and some companies may only need to focus on one where some may need to focus on all. Once objectives have been set, we look for strategies in order to obtain these objectives to which then leads us to what technology are we going to invest in or use in order to achieve the big picture.

When I took this process into account of where I’m currently working, I looked at what Lexus is doing right now to achieve using the groundswell strategy. For People, we assess our customers’ social activities by having a chat room for customers and surveys sent out regularly to let them let us know how we’re doing, whether it be sales, customer service, or just the products itself. When looking at objectives, Lexus can do wonders by talking; meaning to use the groundswell to spread messages about the company. Lexus doesn’t advertise much due to its “luxury” image, but in order to increase consumer activity, i think its crucial for them to do so, to get the name into more customers minds. Even embracing would be great for the company because that way we’d be integrating our customers into our community. This could be anywhere from holding company events and allowing buyers to attend and engage with one another, which can also lead to a higher customer base and allow us to listen in to what they want out of the company. Perhaps this could even mean to help design future products. Last but not least, we look at the technology step in which I believe Lexus could benefit from more of a social networking approach. To really get the name out there and see what others have to say about it so we know what to do in the future to fix or improve.

Essentially what I had learned from this chapter was that we cannot just rely on our product and how it will sell and how our customers will react, but our marketing strategies and the way we communicate with our consumer market is HUGE. Like seriously big! We KNOW we have to reach out to our customers, many of us just don’t know HOW. It all depends on your market as well, some companies will use blogs and some will use private communities to allow a smaller number of customers to engage in conversation. Once we know whats best for us and for our customers to feel like we care, then we come up with a strategy that will further this communication. Once you’ve got this down, there’s no going back.

The Groundswell is a move forward trend and cannot be stopped. As the chapter states and I will leave you with this, “there is no right way to engage with the groundswell.” (Li & Bernoff, 2008).

See ya next week!

Beverly Small


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Groundswell POST Process. (n.d.). Retrieved November 9, 2015.

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