“With so many products trying to get people’s attention, shouting at them isn’t nearly as effective as it used to be”

Marketing Funnel

So you want your business to stand out but you have no idea how to get your consumers attention huh? Well have no fear, I’m here to tell you exactly how you can! If we think of marketing as a funnel, it’s much easier to picture how consumers “march down the path from awareness to purchase and loyalty. Shouting – advertising – herds them in the big end. Activities in the middle try to pull them down to that purchase, and if you’re lucky, they come out the other end as consumers”(Li & Bernoff, 2008). In this blog, I’ll be teaching you various methods of how to get your voice out there and when you should be using social networks to promote your brand!

So you’ve been lost out in the blogosphere for a while now and you’re confused as to what your next move might be. There are a number of options that are effective in the social media world today. The four I will be focusing on is to…

  1. Make a viral video! Remember the videos you spent hours watching of cats or that new Justin Bieber video? Bam, viral. People have an interest in it and within hours or even down to seconds, the video becomes viral. It’ll be the number one video posted on your Facebook feed, you’ll see it on TV shows, you may even see clips of it within another ad..but it gets your attention, doesn’t it? For example, Lexus has always been a company of luxury and higher end products and when they released a teaser of their new product, the Hoverboard, people went nuts. Literally. There was discussion about it over any social network you could name, and with over 12 million views on YouTube, its name in the market became that much bigger.
  2. Engage in social networks and user-generated content sites. What we mean by this is to create a personality through networks such as Facebook or Twitter, etc. A great example of this would be Starbucks, who took it into their fans hands and created a Facebook page where consumers were able to post on the wall. On this network, they were then able to post ideas for drinks which ended up trending and Starbucks made their own “fan-based” secret menu. Genius. So next time you’re drinking your “red-velvet cheesecake” frappuccino, you know who to thank.
  3. Join the blogosphere. Get your co-workers to start writing blogs! Get them to bring customers into the life of someone who’s working for your company. This doesn’t even have to be done through a blog, it can be done through Twitter or an even more popular one, Instagram. For example, Lexus makes its employees feel like a second-family. We goof off and have a good time when we can and we like to promote that through our Instagram page and through our own personal Instagram accounts. Not only are we promoting where we work but showing that we love working there which is a huge contributing factor when people are looking for brands to be loyal to.
  4. Create a community. As spoken in the text, “communities are a powerful way to engage with your customers and deliver value to them”(Li & Bernoff, 2008). They’re also effective as long as you’re not shouting out to your customers trying to gain their attention. Subtly branding is how you want to get your customers attention; by delivering a big dose of emotion with a little dose on information and an even smaller amount of branding message. Lexus had an idea to use television as a way to reach their consumers of differing interests. They had released a comedy series from SNL writers’ for subtle branding. Here is a trailer of the comedy series, Hudson Valley Ballers, which is to feature auto related humor and showing off Lexus’ goofy side to the company.

Whichever you choose, you need to know the knowledge of blogging or else you’re just going to be posting and nobodies going to be picking up what you’re putting down! When you start a blog or a community, you want to engage your consumers enough that they’ll want to talk back and amongst one another! With this in mind, we look at the POST method which I blogged about last week! Take a peak and it’ll explain all you need to know 🙂 But for now, here’s a few tips to keep in mind while writing up your blog…

  • First thing’s first, you need to develop a marketing plan so people can ACTUALLY find the blog! A good way of doing so would be to get your consumers attention with a viral video or post. They’re all over the Internet today and people continuously share them day in and day out. Included in this blog post is a YouTube video that demonstrates how to create a viral video for all y’all newbies 😉

  • Blogging is MORE than writing. Biggest tip I’ve ever taken from this course…I kept writing and writing and it felt as though I was writing my textbook over. Don’t be afraid to put a little personality in there..add some photos, put some links in, spice it up so it doesn’t feel like you’re being another boring blog about some technical marketing stuff. Let people learn from you and see what you can learn from them!
  • BE HONEST. You need to respond to those listening and responding like a real person. Nobody wants to hear the typical robot computer answers. Be real with your customers, tell them the negative in with the positive; consumers want the truth. This is how they stay loyal to you and keep invested in your business.

When you’ve come up with a way to communicate, whether it be through a video or building a community you need to figure out where your consumers are within the marketing funnel. At the beginning of this post, I had attached an image of how the marketing funnel works. So you need to look at your business and figure out where your area of work needs to be focused on. Is it that people don’t know about you? Could it be that you have complicated messages to get across?

Viral videos are best for punching through the white noise…if you have a brilliant idea. Without one, your viral video is going to be lost in the YouTube world gaining comments from users who want to “follow for follow” or “like for like.” Social networking is a great way for word of mouth problems. Think of all the people you could get to retweet and repost your business ideas. For example, Shredz Supplements, a fitness group, involves their trainers within their company by reposting their pictures and getting consumers to upload progress pictures to their website and Instagram account. Bravo for Shredz, because it works. With the reposts, customers are then entered into contests or given discounts off their next purchase of supplements. And with the fitness trend going on with the younger crowds, it’s a huge step forward for Shredz. They’ve begun to now produce apparel to brand their products even more. Although these are great innovations, the biggest problem for most companies is complexity. Lexus still struggles with complexity, but they always ensure they’re keeping in contact with their customers before, during, and after the sales. They’ve started to build up a community, which is a long term commitment, but one Lexus is willing to hold up to keep their customers happy and communicating.

Communication is huge within our world for marketing and anything, really. But whether consumers are talking positive or negative, their responses are going to be read by potential customers and that still counts for something. Make yourself aware of the marketing funnel and teach yourself to talk, listen, and respond and you’ll master the funnel.

Until next week,

Beverley Small 🙂


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