Users of the world, UNITE!

Well, my first blog…This is weird, but we’ll give it a shot! I might as well start off by introducing myself then! My name is Beverley and I’m currently a Business student pursuing my degree in Human Resources. For this class, I’ve been assigned to make a blog and what’s a better way to get my word out with one, right?! I have to admit, it’s never occurred to me that a blog would be a good idea until taking this course. I’ve always been pretty active among the most popular social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. As I started my business studies, I was then encouraged to make a LinkedIn account which furthered my connections even more than I thought!

In the article, Users of the world, unite! I found it to be so interesting how Bruce and Susan Abelson created “Open Diary”, which was one of the first blogging websites to be created. This then created buzz for those who wanted to keep an online diary or journal to bring together through their own social community. Nowadays, it seems as social media comes to us naturally; we use it on a daily basis. It’s mind blowing how much it almost consumes our lives, but also is so important to businesses as well. Every day we are hitting new peaks and platforms with social media, whether it be getting the new update or filters or even simply just keeping up to date.

Ten years ago, and even as daring as saying five years ago, businesses and consumers were not using social media as much as we are today. Everywhere you go there’s a sign or a bar code you may even be able to scan to take you to someone’s “page” or “feed.” This is genius for businesses who are targeting users in the social media world, which virtually, could be anyone! The goal is to communicate with consumers, and this is exactly what companies aim to do. For example, some retail stores will have a sign saying to follow them on Twitter or Instagram in order to see coupons or deals that no one following these pages wouldn’t know about. Genius. You make these consumers feel exclusive and yet, you’re still pulling them into your business. Some can even go as far as saying, “Retweet this for a chance to win a shopping spree”, and low and behold, underneath said tweet, will be what? Retweets upon retweets. Although social media can be a great outlet for businesses, it can also be an enemy seeing as users on social networks have a lot of say about the companies they follow or do not follow. Sometimes users can paint your business in a negative light so it is essential to be careful about what you’re posting, where you’re posting and how you’re posting your advertisements.

As this blog will continue week after week, I hope you’ll be able to learn how I see social media and business correlating with one another. I look forward to hearing from some of you and what you have to share with me as well! Being in Business, it is crucial for me to keep up with social media in order to learn more about how to succeed in my potential soon to be HR career! Thank you for reading, and catch ya next week 🙂

Beverley Small


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